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Project Description

MVC Article Directory is a simple article / content directory application, which allows you to categorise articles in unlimited categories and depth. MVCAD also allows you to charge for submissions, and the user is transferred to paypal to make the payment - Developed in MVC 2 and uses linq2sql as the DAL.


MVC Article Directory is ready to go out the box, it has a simple category structure set up and filled with some articles / content to get you going. Once you have it ready, simply:
  • Edit the connection string in the web.config
  • Edit the options in the settings.config

Admin Default Login Is


Once logged in you can change your password via the user administration tab

That should be all you need to change - This is an early version and you can read the road map below.

  • More payment providers
  • Individual editor accounts
  • Advanced Search
  • Featured Articles
  • Latest Submitted
  • Featured Editors
  • Article Rating

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